Orthostatic hypotension in the elderly
Wednesday December 02, 2020 from

Wendy Chiu, Canada

Assistant professor

Division of Geriatric Medicine, Dept. of Medicine

McGill University


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Orthostatic hypotension (OH, a.k.a. postural hypotension) is not uncommon in the elderly - sometimes clinically insignificant, other times a sign or cause of significant morbidity and mortality. In this workshop, participants will review what is OH, its clinical significance (specifically re: chronic OH in the elderly), and some of the treatments that may be tried to manage it. Then "cases" of OH (from the presenter and/or audience) will be discussed, particularly with respect to pitfalls in its management and strategies to address those.

If participants wish to submit a case for general* discussion, the following information is useful in addition to symptoms and vital signs: Past medical history, medications, treatments tried - what worked, what did not. (*For general/academic discussion only - clinical consultation recommended for a specific patient's care.)


As a result of attending this session, participants will be able to:

  • Define what is orthostatic hypotension (OH)
  • Cite some common - and some less common but important - reasons for chronic OH in the elderly
  • Cite pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments that may be tried to treat OH
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